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Compassion is to feel passion with others. Not for others but with others. It is feel with others passion for life, passion for hapiness, passion for the better world for everyone.

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In Por que não ? on 1 de março de 2009 at 3:08


“Compassion as empathy, not pity.”

I can feel what you feel because we are human beings.
I can feel pity for both of us because we are not happy persons.
The world are not a happy place today. And then … I want a happy world and I want to see happy feelings in me and in others human beings.
I want to be happy, in all places, in every day, all the time.


Charter for Compassion

In Como cuidar de um ser vivo, Geral on 1 de março de 2009 at 3:03

Charter for Compassion

The Charter does NOT assume:

* all religions are the same

* compassion is the only thing that matters in religion

* religious people have a monopoly on compassion

The Charter DOES affirm that:

* compassion is celebrated in all major religious, spiritual and ethical traditions

* the Golden Rule is our prime duty and cannot be limited to our own political, religious or ethnic group

* therefore, in our divided world, compassion can build common ground

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